The Experience

Why do we say that “The Experience is the Difference”? 

You can find thousands of pictures on the internet of beautiful homes.  You can tour dozens of places and see some really great work by different builders.  In the end, projects all look pretty. Does it really matter who does the work?

We believe it most certainly does!

Building a new custom home or living through a major remodel of your current home is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination.  If you’re going to invest in your home, how would you like to see that project flow?  Do you want disorganization, poor planning and lack of documentation?  Do you want this to be your builder’s first big project?  Do you want to have a hard time getting a phone call returned?  Do you hope for big surprises?

We think that this is what you deserve instead:

  • A professional company with experienced and knowledgeable leadership
  • People who understand that this can be an overwhelming process, but who will guide you and make recommendations to ease you along the path
  • Written estimates and thorough specifications, so you know what you’re getting for your money and what will happen if there are changes along the way
  • A builder with a capable and trustworthy crew, able to bring adequate manpower to each job; a builder who controls the schedule by self-performing many aspects of construction
  • A company that’s been around since 1973

Certainly, we are proud of our team and their craftsmanship.  But we are even more proud of the things people have said about the experience of working with us. 

Click on this link -  GuildQuality survey results - to read what real customers have reported about working with us.  You’ll see phrases like, “so polite and courteous”, “loved the whole experience”, “always professional”, “quick to respond”.

Selecting a builder for your project is an important choice.  If you only care about the way it turns out, several builders may do.  If you want to enjoy the best building experience you can, then call us and let us show you why we believe that at Dale Koontz – Builder, the Experience is the Difference