6-Step Custom Home Building Process

Initial consultation

We suggest not spending any money on land, a plan or design fees until you have had an initial consultation with our sales team. We will review your project and identify potential costs, possible opportunities and infrastructure needs that are not always apparent. A great start to the project is key to the most efficient use of resources for the custom home build.

Site+Plan+Budget= Budgetary Estimate

Three key pieces of information are needed to prepare a custom home estimate. First, where will the home be built? Second, did the client purchase an online plan that needs minor modifications, or do they need to hire a design professional to draw a plan? If a design professional is needed, our team will assist the design professional and be a part of the design process. Finally, what is the client budget for the project? With those three pieces of information, our sales team can prepare a budgetary estimate for the home.

Final estimate/Specifications/Contract

After securing subcontractor and vendor bids, a final estimate can be prepared. Detailed specifications will also be prepared that articulate specific material and structural details of the home. The final document is a contract that details a payment schedule and how change orders will be handled.


This part of the process is where the client is heavily involved. Final plan approval will be reviewed. Many construction materials with long lead times will be purchased in advance of the project, with client selection/approval for many items.


Your construction team will include a project manager and several lead carpenters. Your project manager will be your regular interface throughout the entire project. The PM will be asking for selections, providing updates on the project and managing the subcontractors and vendors who are working on the home. The lead carpenters are DKB employees who not only “wear a tool belt,” but also serve as the site contact for the client throughout construction during both the framing and finish phases.

Warranty and beyond

When we hand you the keys to your brand new home, our relationship is not over. Our team provides a 90 day and 365 day follow up to take care of any issues that might come up in the first year. We are also here for you for any future projects, no matter how big or small.