As I watched the installation of a septic system at a new home today, I was struck by the marvel of modern plumbing.  Maybe that sounds weird – but how often do you think about the conveniences we enjoy?

We take for granted that we can get clean drinking water from any number of taps inside our homes at any time of the day or night.  With a Hot Water Recirculating system in your home, you can even guarantee that within seconds you have hot water anywhere you want (none of that bothersome waiting for the water to get hot as it makes its way from your hot water heater to the far reaches of your home).

While those of us in the 21st century Quincy area assume that this is the God given natural order of things, and that we deserve them, there are still many places in the world that folks are happy to see a well drilled in their area that they will have the chance to WALK to get jugs of water.

We have lights at the flick of a switch – or if you want to now, you can program your lights to come on by speaking to your voice activated virtual assistant.  Appliances to bake, broil, steam or fry come in your choice of designer finishes.  The things we can have would boggle the mind of a person from even 2 generations ago.

So, when you come home after work tomorrow, or sit down to dinner at home next week – take a moment to really look around at your home.  Be thankful for all the conveniences you have; even the ones you have become so accustomed to that you have come to expect it.  And if you think, “I need more than this”, then call me.  We need to talk.


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