News & Notes

Jun 26

Modern Marvels in homebuilding

How much do we take for granted? READ MORE
May 29

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Farmers aren't the only ones looking for dryer days READ MORE
Apr 23

Welcome to 2 new team members

Kevin Schaffer and David Brown join the Koontz crew READ MORE
Mar 20

Celebrating 46 years

Annual breakfast a chance to look back and look ahead READ MORE
Feb 26

What Have We Learned?

Recapping the Koontz Builder trip to the International Builders' Show READ MORE
Jan 21

Welcome to the Team!

Koontz Builder adds veteran talent to staff - John Stanford READ MORE
Dec 23

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year from Dale Koontz Builder! READ MORE
Nov 28

Why do we Remodel?

Not everyone NEEDS a new house! READ MORE
Oct 22

The Year was 2013

3 members of the Koontz team celebrate 5 year anniversaries this month READ MORE
Sep 24

Defining Quality Craftsmanship

The 3rd in our series of core values READ MORE
Aug 20

Defining Professionalism

Our 2nd core value is Professionalism READ MORE
Jul 25

Defining Integrity

What does integrity mean to a home building company? READ MORE