Recognition of Excellence

Mike Kurfman celebrates 35 years at DKB

We're not sure if anyone knew in 1989 that his story would turn out like it has...

Mike Kurfman left a job as a laborer to join Dale Koontz and his small crew.  Mike spent many of his early years for Koontz Builder as a painter; walls, ceilings, millwork - whatever it took.  He started to show the patience and attention to detail that have since become his hallmark.

For many of his first 20 years at Koontz Builder he worked alongside the original "GOAT" - Dave Tieman.  Mike got to see how his friend Dave handled complex carpentry problems.  Mike also invested many hours perfecting his skills by working on his own home.  Eventually Mike grew to become not just an accomplished painter, but a highly skilled carpenter too.

Today we tell anyone who will listen that Mike Kurfman is as good a carpenter as anyone in our area - and just as good of a human being.  As he celebrates his 35th anniversary at Dale Koontz Builder, we ask you to join us in wishing him well!