Remembering Dale's Birthday

A reflection from a son on our company's Founder

As the end of July rolls around, I think about my Dad.  He would have celebrated his 82nd birthday this year on July 27.  Since he passed away on August 6, 2019 this time of year has become a bit bittersweet.  I found myself thinking about Dale Koontz and asking "what would I want people to know about my Dad?"

He was a simple guy - humble, but self confident.  He was not seen as a "scholar" at Central High School, when he graduated, but those of us that knew him recognized he was very wise, indeed.  My dad was an archetype of the American Success Story.  Grew up on a farm, graduated high school, went to work with his hands and learned a trade.  From there he borrowed a little money and went into business for himself.

50 years later that business just celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  Dale became a member of the Quincy Area Business Hall of Fame for his contributions to the area in home building and rental properties.  The 3rd generation of family is firmly in place in the business operation and he would have been so proud.

His philosophies were not complicated, but he executed them quite well.  He wanted to be easy to work with, and he was.  He told people that he would be fair in his pricing, and he was.  And perhaps most importantly he told folks that he would strive to do the very best possible job that he could do.  And he absolutely did.

If you didn't have the opportunity to meet my Dad, I hope that these words have given you just a little insight.  He was a good man in every way, and his family and friends miss him still.

Thanks for reading.  Scott Koontz