Apartment Complex Nears Completion

60 units added to Quincy's North Side in 5 years

Dale Koontz - Builder is known as the premier custom home builder in the Quincy, IL area.  During the last 15 years the company has also built a reputation for doing additions and remodeling - from small bathroom updates to whole house renovations.  What many folks in our area may not realize is that Koontz Builder is also responsible for the construction of numerous rental properties in Quincy.

Next to Isles School on North 12th Street, DKB is now completing the 10th and final building of the Northfield Apartment complex.  Over the course of the last 5 years we have added 60 new units to the Quincy rental market.  It has been apparent to anyone looking to rent a place that there are not enough available units in the Quincy area to meet demand.  We hope that these apartments put at least a small dent in that shortfall.

"Both business and government leaders are asking about housing" says Scott Koontz,  "It's becoming an issue to be dealt with if you want to attract and retain workers to our area."  One company won't be able to solve this problem alone, but we are doing what we can to contribute to the solution by adding more inventory to the area's supply.

If you need information about rentals, please contact Koontz Properties at 217.222.6581; if your needs are for new homes or remodeling, please call Dale Koontz Builder at 217.228.1117, or email us at info@koontzbuilder.com