Challenges? Yes. Stopping us? No!

Adapting to changing conditions is nothing new

When you're in the 50th year of doing business, you have the benefit of having lived through a few economic cycles.  At Dale Koontz - Builder we have seen good times, bad times and "what in the world?" times.  Having survived, and even thrived through these cycles helps prepare us for what's ahead.

The news world is buzzing about factors that will impact people  who hope to build or remodel a home soon:

  • lumber prices shot up; came down; shot up again and MAY be easing down again
  • interest rates are rising, and the expectation is that they may not be done going up
  • supply chain issues continue to be a barrier to quick completion of many jobs
  • the battle to find, train and retain good workers is impacting all sorts of businesses, including construction

If you allow yourselves to get swept up in the emotional rollercoaster of it all, it can be a bit scary.  Thankfully, the experience of having weathered a few storms can lend a sense of calm; knowing that we "made it through something like this before" can provide the confidence to help everyone understand that you will "make it through this again".  How do we know that we can?  We will focus on the same things that have worked for the last 50 years:

  • Be a company of Integrity.  Do what you say you will do.
  • Operate as Professionals.  Do the right things, the right way at the right time.
  • Keep Craftsmanship alive.  Always strive to do the best possible job you can do.

And while these timeless values will always be in style, the tools and methods always evolve.  So we will keep our eyes and ears open, always growing and improving.  We think that's a recipe for another 50 years of riding the rollercoaster.