Playing it Safely

Doing what we can to keep our team safe and healthy

Did you know that more than 1,000 workers in the construction industry died in on the job accidents last year?  Residential construction is not the most dangerous business to be in (hello Logging Workers and Fishermen), but a person needs to be careful.

Just as the front line workers through the pandemic have been hailed for their willingness to risk their personal health to provide service to their community, we would like to thank AND challenge all construction workers for their service, too.  Shelter is a precious commodity that sadly not all people have - and every construction worker that sets out to build, repair or maintain a home is making a tremendous contribution to our health, well-being and our economy.

The challenge for Dale Koontz - Builder and all contractors is to keep their team safe.  We talk and train on safety regularly.  We do inspections at the job site to make sure folks are using wise practices.  We are continually reminding our workers that their loved ones want to see them come home from work each night.

If you are blessed to live in a well built, well maintained home, please take a moment to thank the workers that made that a reality for you.  And remind them to put on those safety glasses!