Out With the Old, In With the New

Choosing to see the light in a dim year

You've probably already heard something like this either among friends or you've seen it online: "We will all be so glad to get rid of the year 2020".  Maybe you've even said it yourself.  Undoubtedly this is a year that most of us alive today will not soon forget.  When the folks at Quincy's best custom home builder look backwards, though, we see plenty of things to be thankful for - and that's how we want to remember the year 2020.

We were blessed to learn that we are considered an "essential business".  We already knew that food, clothing and shelter were essential, but this designation allowed us to keep working all year long, albeit with a few new restrictions.  But we worked all year - that's a win!

We learned that we can build a big project that doesn't have to necessarily be right in the middle of Quincy.  We had 2 large custom home products that dominated our year - each of them 45 minutes from our home base, but each of them ending with a satisfied client and a gorgeous finished product.  We are thankful to the men on our team that hit the road for weeks at a time during these builds; they made it happen daily in the field.  Another win!

We stayed (mostly) healthy in a year where that was not at all a given.  Not until December 23rd did one of our team test positive for Covid-19.  That's a long year with the virus running around our area and no positive tests.  Thankfully our cases will be recoverable, and for that we are thankful.  Another win!

We said "See you later" to 3 long term employees during the past year.  Dave Tieman, Paul Tieman and Roger Baker hung up their tool belts after putting in a collective 121 years of service to Dale Koontz - Builder.  It's not a "win" to lose a person to retirement, but to know that each man walked away on his own terms, having served faithfully for so long and with the health to enjoy the retirement that he wants - that's a win!  (Also, we are honored to still count them among our friends - another win!)

Overall, this year has been filled with blessing for our home building and remodeling company - and during a year that has widely been labeled as "difficult", "troubling" and "unprecedented", we hope that you have found some of your own "Wins".  Happy New Year from everyone at Dale Koontz - Builder!