Happy Thanksgiving

2020 offers a chance to acknowledge true blessings

As we reach late November in the year 2020, it has become cliche' to refer to our circumstances as "unprecedented" - and while this pandemic may not literally be never before seen, it certainly is the first event of its kind in our lifetimes.  When shut down measures were first taken in March of this year, I doubt most of us realized what was ahead.

This Thanksgiving, we are approaching the holiday with a different set of expectations and even fears than we would in most years.  Simple acts, simple traditions are being re-examined.  Should we gather for dinner with the whole family?  Should I travel to see my friends?  What things are sensible and safe?  Certainly Thanksgiving 2020 has an entirely different feel than Thanksgiving 2019.

Our encouragement to all our friends and family today is this: we hope that you will focus on the blessings that you still enjoy.  Love.  Smiles. Laughter. Health. Happiness. Freedom. Forgiveness.  All of these blessings can be enjoyed with or without a mask; with family at your dining room table or via Zoom.

At Dale Koontz - Builder we live in a very tangible world.  We build things with our hands.  Things you can hold, touch and feel.  Today, please take a minute to thank the Giver of all good gifts for your blessings - both the ones you can hold, but especially the ones you can only feel.

Cheers to you and your family from all of us at Dale Koontz - Builder!