How Do Today's Homes Compare to Older Homes?

And what about the process of getting it built?

You may assume that as a new custom home builder in the Quincy area - an area full of wonderful, historic homes - we would like to argue that a new home that we build for you would be better than an older home.  And you're correct...but it's not all so simple.  Let me explain my thoughts here:

Certainly new homes are being built by taking advantage of all the techniques that have been honed over the years, as well as using the newest and best materials and innvovations.  Additionally, building codes are constantly changing and requiring your new home to be built to a higher standard.  The use of technology also means your new home will have capabilities that homeowners 100 years ago never dreamt of.

What  about the process of getting your new home built? I can't speak to the Project Management techniques used 100 years ago - but I do know that you had fewer choices to make.  Today you are not simply deciding the location and budget for your home, but you are going to be asked to make hundreds of design choices, if you wish to do a full custom home.

Today you also have the entire world open to choose from as far as selections.  Whether you work with local vendors or surf the Internet for the most obscure elements you can find, there are literally countless possibliites.  For some folks it can all become overwhelming!

In order to keep your sanity during the process of making a major investment in real estate, we recommend you follow a couple time tested truths:  Work with someone that you can trust and that has done this before.  Focus on the big things and don't let the minutiae distract you.  Some things are easy to change later, and some aren't - get the ones right that will be difficult or costly to re-do later.

If you aren't sure where to go to find a solid partner in the homebuilding process, please give us a call.  I'm pretty sure we can help.

Thanks for reading.  Scott Koontz