The Best/Worst Farewell

Dave Tieman finally hanging up his hammer

Whenever Tim or Scott Koontz meets a new person, and that person asks about the family business, a version of the story gets told - and it always goes something like this:  "My dad started the business in 1973.  He hired a young guy to work with him on the first day - and that guy still works with us today". 

Effective October 1, 2020 this story will need to be updated.  After 47 years and 7 months of outstanding service to Dale Koontz and the Koontz family, Dave Tieman is hanging up his hammer and turning in the keys to his truck.  This is the best farewell due to our love and respect for Dave - it's the "worst" farewell due to the void it leaves in our hearts.

There are not enough words in the world to describe what Dave Tieman has meant to the company over the years.  He joined Dale Koontz on that first day as an unknown quantity and grew to become the right hand man who was so trusted and valued.  Dave grew to be an incredible carpenter, patient and detailed in his work.  Dale and Dave worked together well and because of the success Dave had, it led Dale to hire Dave's brother Paul as his 2nd employee.  (Paul worked for the company for "only" 43 years!)  2 cousins of the Tieman brothers also enjoyed careers in homebuilding that lasted nearly 30 years as well - Dale knew he had found a good thing and was not afraid to keep going back for more.

Dave will no longer spend his days managing custom home projects or completing major remodels or additions for Quincy's best builder.  Dave will stay busy managing his commitments as husband, father and grandfather - a job which he performs just as well as carpenter or project manager.

There will be tears (of joy) shed when Dave pulls away from the job site for the last time.  From Donna, Scott, Tim, Matthew and the whole Koontz family we want to say one last time that we are so grateful for all the years of service and we wish nothing but the best to the entire Tieman family!