These "Unprecedented" Times

The strange ups and downs of construction during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Like everyone alive in this country, we at Dale Koontz - Builder have been dealing with some strange things during the first global pandemic in our company's history.  So many unknowns. So much information - but so little wisdom - available.  Overall the most unsettling thing seems to be the dissonance in our lives; that at one time some things are going great, while simultaneously other things are going poorly.

Obviously, the down sides of the COVID 19 pandemic have been well documented: illness, deaths, shut downs of non-essential business.  That was followed by economic downturn and job loss for many.  On top of that, the loss of many of our shared traditions and experiences have left us mourning what we are missing - baseball season, parades, county fairs, etc.

Ironically for those of us in the building business, the emphasis on "Sheltering in Place" combined with current low interest rates and the desire to have a place of your own in which to shelter (or work or hide your family from the Coronavirus) has turned 2020 into a banner year for many in the construction field.  We don't say that to brag - simply to share that these really are unusual times.

Material shortages (treated lumber) and rising prices for building materials would normally put a damper on building.  Demand seems very high, though.  Who knew?? 

Through it all, we are trying to do for our team the same thing that you are trying to do for your loved ones: keep everyone safe and healthy; keep working as we are able; keep trying to keep folks happy.  We are wishing you and your family the best during these challenging times!