What Does "Home" Mean Today?

Being Grateful for the Homes We Have

As the global pandemic of the Coronavirus spreads to every corner of the world, many people are being told that, in order to help stop the spread of the disease, they should shelter in place, or simply stay at home.  They are being asked to “Limit your contact with the outside world and wait for this to pass.”

During strange times like these we turn inward – towards “Home” – to feel safe, to feel protected.

Until we reach a time like this, I think many of us take home for granted.  If we think about it much at all, it’s in terms of what we don’t have

“We could really use a 3-car garage, instead of a 2-car garage.”

“It would be great if we had a covered porch out back for those summer evenings.”

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a brand-new kitchen with shiny quartz tops?”

Today, I hope that more of us take a minute to be thankful for the homes that we have.  Have you looked around this week and thought to yourself any of these things:

“My roof keeps the rain and snow off my head”

“My heat works and my house stays warm and dry”

“I have running water in hot and cold, and plumbing that works”

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to put things in perspective, is there?

The Heroes of the war against Coronavirus are undoubtedly the folks on the front lines: the healthcare workers, first responders and scientists that are providing care and seeking cures every day that the battle rages.  But I would like to give a little shout out to the industry I’m a part of.

Here’s to you, fellow builders and construction workers – thanks for giving us a place to be safe, to ride out the storm; a place to hunker down and take care of ourselves and our families while the heroes do their work.