Visiting the International Builders Show

Koontz Team checks out industry's premier event

Tim Koontz is leading a group of Dale Koontz - Builder employees as they explore the 2020 International Builders Show, which is being held in Las Vegas.  This event is the place where every major supplier and industry player meets to discuss what's happening in the world of home building and remodeling.

The Koontz team has been regularly attending the event over the last few years, soaking up the vendor exhibits, getting product specific training and seeking out the latest and greatest things to hit the market in construction.  Numerous networking and educational sessions are also available - and our team will be there!

Since the event is being held in Las Vegas this year, that means there is a chance to check out some of the sights of this tourist town.  Our team started the trip with a visit to the world famous Hoover Dam.  Several of the visitors will be making their first visits to Vegas - here's hoping that they come home smarter AND luckier than when they left!