Trends in the Building Industry

Here are 3 popular trends we are seeing in new homes and remodeling

In this day and age, with the merger of social media and decorating (We’re looking at you, Pinterest!) there are virtually an unlimited number of images that you can view to get inspiration for your next project.  In our line of work, we get the opportunity to see what lots of different folks are doing at their homes, too.  In that spirit, we thought you might like to hear about a couple trends that we see in the building and remodeling industry – but we wanted to narrow it down to just a couple popular items.  So, here are 3 things that we see going on right now:

#1 – Outdoor spaces

It seems everyone is (re)discovering the joy of spending time outside.  If you don’t have any space outdoors for entertaining, we are adding patios.  If you have a patio, many folks now want it covered.  If you have a covered patio, we find people that now want to enclose it.  Whether it is creating new spaces, or upgrading existing spaces, we are seeing lots of interest in having outdoor living space.


#2 – Less carpet, more Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly called LVT, is absolutely killing it for the flooring companies.  The material is durable, waterproof, good looking and relatively inexpensive.  More and more we are seeing LVT used in areas that would have previously been finished with carpet, wood or tile.  It may not be right for everyone or every room – but it is being used widely across projects of all types.


#3 – Large sliding doors to the exterior

In addition to the desire to have outdoor living space (see #1 above), people are falling in love with the new, larger sliding door systems that are offered by manufacturers.   These oversized sheets of glass allow the home to be filled with natural light and let the residents get the best possible views to the outside.  As the weather allows, you can bring the outdoors in by opening up your home – and people are finding that to be a wonderful experience.

If you find that you are in the need for an upgrade at your home, please give us a call.  We would love to share our expertise with you.