What We Learned from Being on TV

Koontz team contributes to Netflix' Queer Eye project

As many of our Quincy area friends already know, the Netflix series "Queer Eye" filmed an episode in Quincy last fall.  It honored (and did a makeover for) QHS educator Kathi Dooley.  We were invited by the show to be the contractor to assist in the makeover of the teachers' lounge.  So what did we learn from our first TV gig??

Hurry up and wait.  We jammed a couple weeks worth of renovation into 2 1/2 days.  Our guys worked a couple very long days in order to meet the deadlines for filming the big "reveal".  Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  It has been months since the excitement of doing the project was running through our company.  We have been waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the episode to air.

Play your part.  These episodes feature elements of food, clothing, lifestyle and furnishings.  For us, being part of the lounge's makeover was a very big deal - but it was only a portion of the episode.  It has helped us to remember that each person has to play their role and be part of the team.

Enjoy the moment.  When the episode finally dropped on Netflix, it really did generate a lot of enthusiasm around town. It was fun to see people that we know in the show, including snippets of our own team hard at work.  In those moments it was time to sit back and enjoy.

Not sure we would want to do TV work every day, but it was fun to do this one!