Rain, Rain Go Away!

Farmers aren't the only ones looking for dryer days

As all of us in the Mississippi river valley have watched the water rise, we sympathize with the farmers who are unable to get their crops in the ground.  We know the feeling of having work to do, but not being able to get it done due to water or mud.

Our foundation contractors, framers and landscapers (who all work outside everyday) have been dramatically impacted by the near daily rains.  Our business relies on a "rhythm" of starting a new house with a basement every so often - and that rhythm has definitely been broken.  We are looking forward to some long, sunny and dry days ahead!

Those old-time, faithful farmers can teach us a thing or 2 during these rainy days.  During a recent conversation with a local farmer, he simply shrugged his shoulders when talking about the inability to plant beans or corn.  "What can you do, but wait patiently?" he said.  We are trying to take the long view, just like that farmer - we thank God for the rains and the sun and the opportunity to work, whenever we can.

Here's hoping that you and your family are safe and dry - and giving thanks no matter your circumstances.