Why do we Remodel?

Not everyone NEEDS a new house!

In 1973, Dale Koontz started a custom home building business in Quincy.  As the business grew, the Koontz name became synonymous in Quincy with custom homes.  However, times change – and over the last 5 -10 years we see fewer folks in our area who say “I need a new home”.

Frankly many people today say things like: “I like where I live”; “I like my neighbors”; “This has been a great place for us”, and they don’t necessarily want to pick up and start all over in a new home.  At the same time, though, there may be things about their current place that homeowners don’t love.  “We need to freshen up the kitchen”, “I never use that tub – but I’d love a big walk in shower” or “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could add a sunroom in the back?”

If you don’t need a whole new home, but just an update, who do you call?  Koontz!

We have adapted our business to meet the needs of today’s consumer.  We are busy 52 weeks of the year remodeling kitchens, updating bathrooms and doing additions and decks.  To this day, many people still think of us as strictly “new home” builders.  The truth is we do projects of all sizes, from powder room remodels to major additions – and everything in between.

If we can help you with a project at your home, let us know!