The Year was 2013

3 members of the Koontz team celebrate 5 year anniversaries this month

We are pleased to recognize 3 different members of the Koontz team who are celebrating 5 year anniversaries over the course of the next few weeks:

Kris Bentley is celebrating 5 years of work in our office.  His title and roles have changed over the years, but Kris has been a tremendous addition to the team.  Today Kris is responsible for sales and estimating on all our remodeling work.  In addition to that big job, he's a handy guy to have around to fix a computer or weld together a broken piece of metal!

Josh Rose is about to celebrate 5 years of work, too.  Josh is a terrific painter and dabbles in carpentry for us, as needed.  Josh is an avid outdoorsman and really enjoys the chance to hunt and fish throughout the year as often as he can.  Josh is one of several guys on our team that has a family member at work with him.  Josh's dad, Matt, is a long time part of our crew.

Our 3rd team member celebrating a 5 year anniversary is Brady Hopson.  Brady has an extensive background in painting, but today finds himself framing houses and pouring concrete.  Brady is an easygoing and hardworking guy who has been a great part of what we've done over the last 5 years.

If you know any of these 3 fine men, please join me in congratulating them!