Defining Quality Craftsmanship

The 3rd in our series of core values

In the 3rd (and final) of our series, we are sharing thoughts on the core values of Dale Koontz – Builder, Inc.  Last month it was a discussion of Professionalism; before that we wrote about Integrity and what it means to us as a company.

Our 3rd company core value is Quality Craftsmanship.  “Quality” is a word that is overused and difficult to define when it comes to homebuilding.  You can follow industry best practices or compare yourself to published standards – but those “standards” won’t produce the kind of work that gives anyone the Wow factor they dream of.

When we talk about Quality Craftsmanship it means attention to detail.  It means good design, well-executed.  Our team acts like “good enough” won’t be “good enough”.  Our craftsmen will go above and beyond what’s expected in order to produce the kind of finished product that our customers expect – and expectations are justifiably high!

Even on the best jobs, things will go wrong.  To us, Quality Craftsmanship also means that we will address issues promptly, fix mistakes when we catch them and make things “right”.  When we work for you, you have every right to expect high quality and good value for your money.  The quality of the finished product must be high.

I hope these articles have helped provide insight into what makes our company go.  When you piece together Integrity, Professionalism and Quality Craftsmanship you get Dale Koontz – Builder.  Thanks for reading.