Yes - we do that!

Koontz means much more than just custom homes

After 45 years in business in the same community, you would think that people would have a pretty good understanding of what Dale Koontz – Builder, Inc. does.  As we are out and about in the area, we do (fortunately) get plenty of good feedback about what our company stands for – I frequently have people say to me “you guys do great work” and “your reputation for quality is the best”.  People know who we are, and they recognize that our values are integrity, professionalism and craftsmanship.

Ironically, it appears that many people don’t know what we do. Folks know us as custom home builders, and that is certainly the history and core of our company since 1973.  Over the last 5 to 10 years, though, we have also expanded into many more types of remodeling projects in the Quincy area.  Many people I meet will tell me, “I didn’t now that you did that!”

Kitchen remodeling?  Yes.  Bathroom remodeling? Certainly. Addition to the home? Sure!

Build out office space for my business? Yeah.  What about decks, painting or finishing my basement?  Yes to all of those, too.

We have learned that lots of people would like to have quality work done by people that they trust; and not everyone is in the market for a new custom home.  Our crews have the skills to handle projects of all sizes and will always complete them to the same high standards that we use in building our custom homes.  It appears that getting the word out to the Quincy and Hannibal area is all that’s left to do.

If you need quality work done by professionals that you can trust, please give us a call.  We would love the opportunity to look at your project.