Putting the Wraps on 2017

Yes, it was a very good year

It may be an arbitrary marker - the turn of the new year is just one of 365 identical 24 hour days - but turning over the calendar often prompts us to reflect on the year that has passed, and imagine the one that is to come.  At Dale Koontz - Builder, it's no different for us.  We offer here our reflections on 2017 and some thoughts as we look ahead into 2018.

The past year saw us continue our long tradition of building custom homes in the Quincy area.  And we continue to expand that area, as one of our projects this year was near Palmyra, MO.  We also were excited to receive so much positive feedback on a house we did that was for sale in our Cambridge subdivision.  That one sold almost before we got it done!  Since 1973, the custom home has been the core of our business - and that held true in 2017 as well.

What many people don't know is that we do so much more than just custom homes.  In 2017 we did kitchens, bathrooms, decks, additions and even painting jobs; more than 70 different jobs during the year!  We worked for past customers and made friends with new customers, too.  Here are just a few of the comments they left for us:

Crew was very professional. Refreshing to see that people still take pride in doing a project in the right way

Quaity of workmanship is excellent. On-site personnel were professional, courteous, and accomodating.

They handled everything! This was the first time we had done this so were a little bit nervous. This was the best experience ever!

Getting this kind of feedback really fuels us to keep delivering top notch customer service.

As we imagine what may be ahead for us in 2018, it will likely be more of the same.  We have a couple of new custom homes to build right out of the gate.  We will undoubtedly be doing more kitchens, baths and additions in the new year.  We look forward to celebrating our company's 45th anniversary in March and during the year we will be taking time out to do some fun stuff with our hard-working crew.  All in all, we think we have another really good year ahead of us.

We hope that 2017 has been good to you and that your 2018 will be even better!

Thanks for reading.