The Best Christmas Gifts

Not all things we create are measured in price per square feet

I had the chance to listen to a group of professionals go around a conference table and share some thoughts about favorite Christmas memories.  No one had been prepared for this discussion, it was simply a spur of the moment request from the chairman of the group.  It was quite telling, though, what came out of people’s mouths about a memorable Christmas.

One man talked about adopting a daughter in China on December 25; another person talked about the feast that his Ukrainian grandmother still prepares to this day (and she’s in her 90’s); many talked about memories of Midnight Mass with the family or stories of siblings eagerly waiting for their parents’ blessing to come down and open up gifts.  What struck me after it was all said and done, was how the things that are really memorable are typically not THINGS at all.  Lasting memories are really about relationships.

We are in an industry that builds and remodels THINGS.  We make spaces; we build houses; we remodel kitchens and baths.  But as we come to Christmas time, I’m reminded that the true lasting value of the homes we build is measured in the memories created by the meals that are eaten in those kitchens and the stories told in those living rooms.  Those memories have far more value than anything that can be measured in price per square feet.

From everyone at Dale Koontz Builder – we hope that wherever “home” is for you, that it will be filled this year with people you love, and that you will have the chance to create memories that you treasure for years to come.

Merry Christmas!