Scott Koontz named to local board

Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce names co-owner to its Board of Directors

Dale Koontz Builder is pleased to announce that one of our owners has been named as a Board Member for the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce.  Scott Koontz will begin serving that board in January of 2017.  Please see Scott’s comments below regarding his appointment:

“My dad, Dale, was a terrific role model when it came to community service.  He was a faithful servant at his church and he also served in numerous capacities for the Home Builders Association of Quincy.  In addition to those roles, Dad served the city of Quincy as a member of the Plan Commission.  As a young man he showed me that community service was an important element of his life through his actions, even if he never said those words.

In the same way, my brother Tim has been very dedicated in service to the Quincy area.  He has served more than 10 years on the Blessing Hospital board.  This is on top of his ongoing commitment to the Home Builders Association, numerous school groups and to his church, too. 

You can see that it’s not a stretch for me to agree to serve the Chamber of Commerce with this board appointment.  It’s merely a continuation of the things I’ve seen from my family for my whole life.  The Quincy area has been very good to us; we want to return the favor to the Quincy area.”