The way things are going...

Reflections on some trends in homebuilding

Just like the fashion world or the automotive industry, the world of custom home building continues to evolve - designers, builders and customers are always tweaking what they are doing.  We see the same things here in Quincy, IL as we do our custom homes and remodels at Dale Koontz - Builder, Inc.  Here are a few trends that are going around nationally, and locally:

Indoor-Outdoor Living Areas.  You can expect to see indoor-outdoor living spaces that flow together. Dining areas outside, screened in porches, and fireplaces used outside are growing in popularity.  Living rooms that open to an outdoor space add to the appeal of the open concept type house that continues to be a very desirable style.  Many houses that the Koontz team works on include screened porches or covered decks to add to the livable space

Bigger Isn’t Always Better. According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) new homes are actually getting smaller. According to the NAHB the average size of a single family home in 2016 is expected to be around 2,152sq ft., a 10 percent decrease from the previous year.  More people seem to be building on the concept of putting a large amount of luxurious and intricate designs in a smaller blueprint.  Koontz customers also are following this trend to a degree - we find that many people aren't concerned about building the "biggest" house that they can, rather they want the "nicest" house they can afford.

Energy Efficiency.  Building materials and options with high energy efficiency ratings are expected to reach an all-time high in the next several years.  Consumers continue to become aware of the long term savings, tax benefits, and other positive implications associated with energy efficiency.  Popular energy efficient options include energy efficient windows and appliances, dual flush toilets,  and low flow faucets.  Here in Quincy we have a number of customers considering different ways to maximize energy efficiency, too.  Many of the vendors we work with offer a number of different ways to get the most bang for your energy buck.

Those are a couple trends that we see in housing.  When you are ready to design your dream home, or plan a major remodel in the Quincy or Hannibal area, we hope that you will contact us to help!