Celebrating our 43rd Anniversary!

March 1 will mark the day it all officially began for Dale and Donna Koontz

The end of February each year means that we are a little closer to spring, a little closer to the traditional "construction season" in the midwest.  For the team at Dale Koontz - Builder, the end of February means it's time to celebrate another anniversary as we turn the calendar over to March 1.

It was March 1, 1973 when Dale and Donna Koontz officially started their own business.  According to Dale, the weather did not cooperate.  "We spent the first couple days watching it rain" he has said in the past.  His newly hired helper, Dave Tieman, worked with him to build some storage boxes for the truck.  Once it stopped raining, though, things took off - and mostly it's been bigger and better for the last 43 years.

There have, of course, been numerous changes over the years.  The houses got bigger; the building components changed; and certainly styles have changed.  The team grew from Dale, Donna and Dave to include Dale's sons Tim and Scott, and now 23 other team members!  There have been subdivisions built, apartments built and rented and hundreds of satisfied home building clients.

At the end of the day, though, the things that Dale emphasized at the beginning remain the foundation of the successful business that is run by his sons today.  Dale said it this way in an interview just a couple years ago: "We are easy to communicate with, fair in our pricing, and we strive to do the very best possible job that we can."

That formula has been working for 43 years.