Spring maintenance tips for homeowners

Yes, we build. But it has to be maintained, too!

As a custom home builder for brand new homes, you may think that the Dale Koontz Builder team doesn’t give a lot of thought to maintenance, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Every time we build a home we are thinking ahead to the issues that will help that home run smoothly for years to come for the family that lives there.  Although many new homes today feature items that claim to be “maintenance free” or “low maintenance”, there’s still some good old fashioned upkeep to be done on virtually every home on the block – whatever block you live on.


With that in mind, and in light of the recent arrival of Spring, here are a few things to check on at your home to make sure that you are properly maintaining your investment:


Will spring rains move away from the house like they should?  Make sure that your gutters are cleaned of debris and that downspouts are in place to channel water away from your house.  Check for low spots around your foundation – you don’t want water to pool next to the house and be invited in to visit your basement!  Fill in those low spots and make sure the grade of your landscaping moves water away from the house.  Unfortunately, we have been called to help too many homeowners in the past with basement water problems due to water infiltration issues that could have been avoided.


Is my sump pump ready for action?  Many modern homes are designed with drain tiles that move water from around the foundation to a sump pit, where it is pumped away.  These systems work great – unless your sump pump fails.  Check the pit and make sure there are no obstructions for the pump or its on/off float.  Check the connections to the piping that carries away the water.  If your pump runs frequently, consider back-up systems that are available, such as battery back-up, water back-up or at least an alarm that will sound if the pump fails and water reaches an unacceptable level.   It’s no fun to step down into your basement and hear a squishy sound…


Is my air conditioner ready to go?  Your home has been in heating mode all winter; now may be a good time to call your favorite HVAC firm and ask for a system check on the air conditioner.  At a minimum, make sure you are checking and changing the filters on your system.


Will you need to paint or stain any outside wood this year?  If you have wood on the exterior of your home, it can take a beating from sun, wind, rain and snow.  Examine decks, rails, wood windows and exterior doors.  If you see paint that is chipping and flaking, or if you see bare wood it’s time to act.  Decks can be re-stained or sealed with available products that will protect them from the elements; doors and windows may require a fresh coat of paint or varnish.  You can also consider moving away from wood and replacing with composite or metal materials that will hold up to the weather better.


The Koontz team is looking forward to a busy Spring and Summer season; we hope these maintenance reminders help you keep your home in tip top shape for years to come.  Thanks for reading!