Putting the Wraps on 2014

Some thoughts as we head into the new year

As the calendar turns over to 2015, it’s a great time to look back at the last year and reflect on the triumphs, challenges and lessons learned from the previous year.


We were invited to work on projects by more than 75 different people during the year – from decks, to bathrooms, and from remodels to new custom homes.  When that many different folks are eager to partner with us, it’s exciting to know that our services are being broadly received!


We definitely consider it a triumph that so many people are choosing us for their work.  Another “triumph” is the fact that we have just added another one of our team to the list of people who have at least 20 years experience with us.  This means that we have SIX carpenters on staff with 20+ years as part of the Koontz Builder team.  (They are Dave, Paul, Gary, Roger, Mike and Clint if you’re playing along at home)


What are the challenges?  We are adding more staff and doing more complex projects than ever before.  Certainly there is an ongoing challenge to get our newest members trained in the “Koontz way” of doing things, and to incorporate new ideas and methods among veterans as better ideas come along.  Having been in the construction business for almost 42 years, however, we have shown an ability to adapt.


How about a lesson learned?  As a regular part of doing business, we survey our customers when the job is complete hoping to learn about what went well and upon what things we can improve.   As we look at comments received during the past year we read things like this:

                “couldn’t have been smoother”

                “very pleasant to work with”

                “the product was excellent”

While it is nice to have overwhelmingly positive reviews, our favorite was from a new customer of ours that was pleased to learn that we are a company that keeps its word; she wrote,


                “it’s (nice to find) people who do what they say, when they say they will”


That may have been the best thing we learned during 2014.  We talk about this frequently and we feel that this type of integrity is the cornerstone of the Koontz brand.  We will do what we say we will do.  We strive for this every day, and to have one of our customers respond in this manner on a post-job survey was very satisfying; we learned that this matters to at least one of our customers just as much as it matters to us.


We send best wishes for a prosperous 2015 to all with whom we have worked during the last year.  May peace and joy be yours in the year ahead.


The Dale Koontz Builder Team