3 SCARY ideas for this Halloween

Here are some frightening thoughts for you when it comes to hiring a contractor.

Halloween has become such a big holiday to celebrate – there are costumes, candy, skulls and spider webs decorating many homes in our areas.  It’s a fun way for kids and adults to embrace something “scary” while actually keeping things fun and light.

If you want to do something that’s really scary, try some of these:

1.       Hire a contractor without checking any references

If you don’t bother to ask anyone about your contractor, you can’t hear any bad news, right?  What’s the worst you could find out…

2.       Hire the cheapest person you can find to do your work

Certainly there can’t be any good reason for one bidder to be 10% higher than another on your job, can there?  They all must be quoting the same materials and the same level of craftsmanship, finished on the same schedule with the same warranty.  I’m almost sure of it.

3.       Don’t get anything in writing from your contractor

Why slow down the process by asking your contractor for a written estimate and specifications?  I’m sure he/she will do what he told you on the phone; and it will get done for the price you remember that he told you, right?

We hope that you and your family celebrate this time of year safe and warm in your home.  Enjoy the candy and costumes and hot cider – but let’s not do anything too crazy this year, OK?

Thanks for reading!