Meet the team: Lori Meuth

An introduction to our office assistant

We’re introducing another member of our team, and this time we are showing you someone behind the scenes that makes everything on the outside possible. Lori Meuth joined us two years ago and has been on a mission to make things operate smoothly ever since. Lori can usually be found in the office taking care of billing invoices, final settlements, and payroll. She also handles all of the applications, leases, rent, and prospective tenants for Koontz Properties.

Outside of the office Lori loves spending time with her family and enjoys having barbecues with everyone and chasing her two grandkids around. She has been married to her husband John for nearly 23 years, and has two sons, Jacob and Jordan, as well as a daughter, Katy. Lori also has a passion for travelling and beaches, and her favorite place to go is Jupiter, Florida, where her brother and his family live. She says her love of travelling stems from after high school when she was enrolled to become a stewardess, but decided not to go at the last minute.

Asking Lori her favorite part about her job she says “I love everything about my job. I’ve been here for 2 years and Tim, Scott, Dale, and all the other employees couldn’t be any better to work with. They know their stuff, work hard, have a sense of humor, and treat each other with respect.” We feel the same way about Lori!  

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