Koontz team heading west

International Builders Show coming up in Las Vegas

The Koontz team will be visiting the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas coming up during the first week of February.  The show is the nation’s largest trade show for manufacturers and suppliers in the residential construction industry and gives builders the chance to keep abreast of the latest trends in the building field.

“We are committed to continually learning more and more about what’s going on in our field” says Scott Koontz, co-owner of Dale Koontz – Builder, Inc. and “being at IBS is a great way for us to see the most stuff in a very efficient way.”  Knowing that not every vendor in the country can make its way to Quincy, IL Tim and Scott will be seeking them out in Las Vegas.

Past shows have led the Koontz team to purchase specialized equipment not seen in our area.  The Koontz’s also have had the opportunity to build relationships with national vendors by meeting representatives from those companies.

“It’s important for us to stay on the leading edge of our industry” says Tim Koontz, “and attending IBS is one way for us to do that.”