Professional Builders Alliance holds Fall meeting

Koontz brothers represent Quincy at NY conference

Tim and Scott Koontz, owners of Dale Koontz – Builder, Inc. recently
attended the Fall 2013 Meeting of the Professional Builders Alliance.  The meeting was held in Rochester, NY and
hosted by John Colaruotolo of Anco Builders. 

“These meetings are a great way for us to keep up to date on
techniques and trends from around the country” says Scott Koontz.  Builders meet to share ideas on projects, building
materials and management practices. 
Representatives attend from multiple states and represent different

The most recent meeting included a tour of custom homes and
rental properties in the Rochester market, along with roundtable discussions
regarding the increased interest in social websites and their influence on the
custom home purchaser.   The Professional
Builders Alliance is organized under the National Association of Home Builders,
headquartered in Washington, D.C.