Summer Interns!

JWCC interns find a home with Koontz Builder

One of the time honored traditions for college students is to "Look for a summer internship".  During the summer of 2013 the team at Dale Koontz - Builder, Inc. has been able to help 2 young men find just such a place.

Dan Arnsman and Jay Smith, instructors at John Wood Community College's Workforce Development Center, were promoting the idea of summer internships for their students.  The local builders get the chance to get some eager, young workers and the students get the chance to put their classroom skills to work in the real world.  For Koontz interns Tyler and Matt, it's working out just as they hoped.

The interns have worked on framing, painting, demolition, siding and landscaping projects; working alongside professionals with years and years of experience.  "Our experienced workers are always willing to share what they know with the next generation of carpenters and painters" says Scott Koontz.  For these 2 interns the summer will be filled with some hard work and great learning opportunities, and Koontz says "getting a chance to  show what you can do - that's all that most workers are looking for."

At Koontz Builder, we are happy to be a part of this summer opportunity - and we wish the best of everything to both Tyler and Matt!