Professional Builders Alliance Meets

Koontz brothers represent company at industry event

The Professional Builders Alliance (PBA) held their most recent meeting in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Dale Koontz - Builder, Inc. was represented at this industry event by Tim Koontz and Scott Koontz of Quincy, IL.

Member companies heard from Construction industry specialist Dave O’Brien of Toledo, Ohio regarding best practices in business for information management, cost controls and understanding of important financial metrics to measure your business’ health.  PBA members also spend one day of each meeting sharing updates on their current market activity and trends in building products, practices and techniques.

“We really learn a lot by listening to other builders from around the country” says Scott Koontz, co-owner of Dale Koontz - Builder, Inc.  The Koontz brothers have been members of the Alliance since 2006.   The PBA is organized under the National Association of Home Builders, and meets semi-annually at sites around the United States.