Our 40th Anniversary

Thoughts on 40 years in business as a family

“When people today ask me what my Dad is up to, I tell them that he plays as much golf as he wants to, and he works when he’s not playing golf...each time the response is the same: ‘Well, good for him, he deserves it’.  I’ve yet to have one person say anything less than positive about my Dad’s semi-retirement.”  So goes the story related by Scott Koontz about his dad, Dale.

What does a man do during his career to earn such universal respect?  In the case of Dale Koontz it appears that  working hard, treating people well and doing the very best job that he could possibly do has gained him that kind of reputation and acknowledgment.

As Dale Koontz - Builder, Inc. celebrates its 40th anniversary on March 1, 2013 the company that he founded continues in his tradition.  The staff has grown from Dale plus one; now it’s Tim and Scott Koontz, with 12 full time and 2 part time staff.  After years of taking care of all the back office paperwork, Dale’s wife Donna has handed that off to a part time secretary.  Working hard has not changed, though, and the Koontz family couldn’t be more proud of the dedicated effort given by its team.  As Tim Koontz says, “it really all starts with the employees, they are the ones making things happen in the field every single day.”

Treating people well is another fundamental for the Koontz family.  This is reflected in long term relationships with vendors, professional partners and subcontractors.  Also, when the Koontz story is told it is not complete without mentioning that 6 of our staff have 19 years of service or more - including our very first employee, Dave Tieman, who celebrates 40 years continuous service on our company anniversary.  “If we didn’t  treat our people well, we couldn’t keep them, and we know that they are the backbone of the organization.” says Scott Koontz.

Doing the best we can do for our customers - this is another hallmark of the Koontz team.  No cutting corners, no “close enough” will do.  Is every project perfect in every way on the very first try?  Unfortunately not - but our customers know that we will work tirelessly to make things right for them.  And how do we know what our customers think of us?  They say things like this:

“we appreciated their focus on quality of workmanship”
“they paid attention to what we wanted, and anticipated issues”
“the finish work was second to none!”
“they helped us decide on the best designs and products”

If you work like that for 40 years...well, we can tell you what people are going to say!