New Hire at Koontz Builder

Scott Koontz announces new hire

Dale Koontz - Builder, Inc. is happy to announce that we have recently added to our full time staff with the hiring of Wes Hoebing.

Wes got the opportunity to work with the company during the summer of 2012 and handled his duties very well.  After graduating from Quincy High School at the end of the fall semester, Wes indicated that he was ready to begin his career in construction.  “We were ready at the same time Wes was” said Scott Koontz, “with a number of projects underway currently and a large number of prospects on the board, this is a good time for us to add to our roster.”

Wes received experience already in carpentry over the previous summer and is now learning about painting and other finish detail work under the direction of some of the experienced Koontz team.

With the addition of Hoebing, Dale Koontz Builder now employs 12 full time field employees, 2 part time field employees,  and a part time office assistant.