Does "organization" really matter?

A look at the importance of working with an organized and professional company

Does “Organization” really matter?

Today’s homebuilding process is a complex endeavor.  You will work with many trade people, suppliers and dozens of sets of hands that touch your project.  Building codes and other business regulations continue to grow – demanding attention to detail at every turn.  To successfully complete a modern custom home with a fine finish calls for an organized effort.  Setbacks along the way can have a detrimental impact on quality, performance and cost.  Using a professional and organized builder can optimize your opportunity to have your project be successful.

What does an organized builder look like?

There are a number of characteristics that are common among well run organizations.  Responsiveness to customers is first and foremost.  The top complaint among homebuyers is that their builder was slow to respond (or never did respond) to an issue that was raised.  Organized builders keep the lines of communication open and regularly check and respond to phone calls and emails.   “Sorry I forgot to call you back” is something you should never have to hear.    

Cleanliness also reflects a high level of organization.  Clean sites are safer and more productive and well run companies invest in the time it takes to keep a site cleaned up.  Loss of materials to mismanagement or damage due to carelessness is not reflective of an organization that cares.

An organized business also operates with layers of protection.  This includes everything from following state and local laws and codes, to carrying the proper insurance coverage on jobs and workers.  A builder should be willing and able to give the buyer evidence of appropriate coverage, or to put buyers in contact with those parties who provide the appropriate services to the builder.

If you are preparing to interview prospective builders for your custom home or remodeling project, don’t be afraid to evaluate their “organization”.  It could be a sign of things to come!