Continuing Education

Koontz team sends Tim and Scott to California conference

Brothers Tim Koontz and Scott Koontz will be spending time at the upcoming Fall 2012 meeting of the Professional Builders Alliance to be held in Irvine, CA.

The peer mentoring group meets twice annually to evaluate current market conditions and to report on each members business operations.   Group members are challenged to submit to an intensive evaluation of their business by the other companies' owner representatives - in addition to participating in roundtable discussions on a variety of topics.

Industry expert on construction technology, Joe Stoddard, will be making a presentation to the builder group regarding maximizing technology to increase customer satisfaction and job production.

"Since we joined this peer group in 2006, we continue to learn about new and better ways to build, to run our business and ways to keep our clients satisfied" says Scott Koontz.   "It's been a great way to keep improving on what we have been doing since 1973."