Nice to see you back!

Discussing why so many of our clients are repeat customers...

At Dale Koontz Builder we have been blessed to work with a number of our customers on more than one project.  Just this week we signed a contract for the sale of a lot and the construction of a custom home with a couple who has built with us before.  This is in addition to numerous other families that have had us do multiple jobs in their homes, or for whom we have built more than one house as their needs changed through the years.

Why do people come back to work with us time and again?  A couple things that we can think of:

Product - Certainly the product we produce is central to this repeat business.  We are grateful to know that the people who live in homes we have built almost universally recognize the quality of workmanship in them, and would willingly take “more of the same” in their next home.  It is a fact that any other advertising or marketing that a company does will be quickly undone by a shoddy or inferior product!

Process - No one who has a miserable experience wants to repeat it; but when a past client wants to do a 2nd project with us it reaffirms that the process was positive the first time around.  As professional contractors we make every effort to run a job in an organized and efficient manner.  We try hard to keep our clients up to date with regular communication.  These basic concepts help people to have a good experience and feel comfortable with the building and remodeling process when working with the Koontz team.

People - The materials and the paperwork don’t come together by themselves, but need experienced, caring people to pull the project together.  Customers who invite us back into their homes frequently tell us how they have so enjoyed working with our different team members.  Our team respects the property, knows the kids’ names and greets the family dog - and our customers feel comfortable when we are around.  Our custom home clients who build again with us often remember how they worked with this person or that person to customize a feature of their previous home, or how a team member helped them solve a tricky problem during the construction of their home.

Whether it’s the product, the process or the people, we only know that we are grateful to the many repeat customers we have had over the years.  Thanks for all your past business -  we look forward to serving you again when the need arises.