Koontz Properties Expansion!

Builder's sister company buys Quincy, IL apartment complex.

Koontz Properties, LLC - sister company to Dale Koontz Builder, Inc. - announced today that it has completed the purchase of 48 apartments at 1122 Diana Drive, commonly known as the 12th Street Apartments.

With the acquisition of this location, Koontz Properties now owns and manages 130 rental units at 5 different locations.  Scott Koontz will continue to serve as the Managing Member of the Koontz Properties team.

“We have worked hard over the years to maintain all our properties in excellent condition, and to be known among our tenants for being responsive to their needs,” says Scott.  “Adding these units will certainly be a new challenge for us - but I also expect that our new tenants will find us to be quick to address any situations, and as a company we fully intend to implement an ongoing program of maintenance and improvement at the 12th Street Apartments.”

The 12th Street Apartments were built in 1993 and were most recently owned by AIMCO, a real estate holding company out of Denver, CO.

For information about Koontz Properties, please contact Scott Koontz at (217) 430-9190, or by email at scott@koontzproperties.com.