Our 39th Anniversary!

Dale Koontz Builder remembers March 1, 1973 start

Dave Tieman knows exactly where he will be working tomorrow morning. It will be the same place as last week, last year and the year before that.  As a matter of fact for each of the last 39 years, the Adams county native has been employed by Quincy custom home builder Dale Koontz – Builder, Inc.

When Dale Koontz became the owner of his own small business on March 1, 1973, hiring a  young helper that he knew from his church was one of his first moves.  “When my dad started this company, Dave was there on the very first day” says current company co-owner Scott Koontz.  “I was 8 years old and my brother Tim was 5” he continues.   

Over the years, Dale built his company by building quality custom homes, developing land into well-known subdivisions and entering into the rental property business as well.  Every step of the way, his first employee was there by his side.  When the company needed more manpower, the first call went to Dave’s brother Paul.  Today Paul has more than 35 years of employment with the Koontz team.

“We have 5 people with more than 20 years of service to the company,” explains company President, Tim Koontz.  “We are so proud of that, because we think it shows that we have taken care of the staff over the years, as we know that they have been there for us.”  The Koontz family has been blessed to keep its crew employed continuously for 39 years without having to resort to layoffs - even during the worst housing slump in recent US history.

As the company begins its fortieth year of operations, there are certainly numerous changes compared to year number one.  The size of the homes have increased, styles have changed (and changed back again in some cases) and many hand tools have been replaced by updated power versions.  However, one thing will be just as true in 2012 as it was in 1973... Dave Tieman will show up for work bright and early tomorrow.