Something New? Not entirely...

New techniques in home building; but some things don't change.

Cool new stuff?  Everyone likes to talk about their new car, new electronic gadget or other new toy.  We in the building business are no different.

As a custom home builder in the Quincy, IL area we enjoy the opportunity to be the first in our area to use some of the newest tools and products in the beautiful custom homes and remodeling projects that we do.

In the past year or so, we have been the first in Adams County to build a home using a pre-cast insulated foundation wall system.  Tim Koontz has become the county’s first Certified Green Builder.  We have begun the area’s first “LEED for Homes” certified custom home project.

While some of these things have a “golly-gee-whiz-bang” cool factor, we are reminded that our business is still about understanding what our clients want, and meeting their expectations with our products at a price that fits their budget.

At the end of the day, our company is still about building relationships, as much as it is about buildings.  Since 1973 we have been striving to meet the needs of Quincy homeowners with integrity, professionalism and a quality product. And no matter how many houses we build or remodeling projects we complete, we understand that those timeless values are what is really worth being excited about.

We will continue to keep up with building trends, and the latest, greatest tools and techniques.  Know this though: our customers trust us, not because of the newest gadgets, but because we share their time-honored values.

Thanks for reading.