Sure, we do that!

Sharing some surprising facts with the people we meet, and talking about the kind of jobs we do.

We were in a conversation recently with some people who were interested in making a modest improvement to their basement space.   They had in mind to upgrade a few cosmetic features, and maybe to add a simple "bar" area with cabinets, sink and refrigerator.  It came up during the meeting that the Koontz Builder team may not be the right company to do this work, because the projects we work on are "always 'over the top' kind of deals".  Of course, it came as a shock to us that this particular client thought that we wouldn't or couldn't do a simple project like the one they had in mind.  But it also made us think about how we are seen in our community...

"They are the BEST" We work very hard to do our best work every day, on every job.  And we have been blessed to build some fantastic houses, and to receive many wonderful words of appreciation from our customers.  Seemingly, though, this has left some potential clients feeling like we will only work on "champagne" projects - and that we wouldn't want the 
"beer budget" job that they are considering.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

"A Busy Crew is a Happy Crew"  One of the things we have prided ourselves on through the years is the ability to employ our team full time, all year long.  In order to keep everyone busy 52 weeks each year, we not only would like to have small jobs - we rely on them to meet this very important company goal.  Whenever a friend or past client asks if we can do a little painting, or fix up an old worn-out bathroom we try to say YES as often as possible.  Size and budget for the project are not reasons for us to refuse to consider a job.

"Loyalty is a 2-way Street" Once we have done work for someone, we feel a certain level of responsibility to them.  They become Our Client; and we like to take care of any building or contracting needs that "Our Clients" have.  Of course, for many happy customers that we have made over the years, we have become "Their Builder".  This reciprocal relationship is important to us.  We seek to nurture it, and it is another reason that we work on projects of all sizes.  We will always strive to take care of those who have previously given us their trust.

Sometimes the first project we do for someone is a big project.  Other times our first get-together is something smaller.  No matter what we do for our friends and customers, we will always do our best with matter the budget!

Thanks for reading - and don't hesitate to call.