"...a Legend around here!"

Scott Koontz relates a story from a happy customer, a customer he never met before!

As I was leaving a local hardware store late in the day recently, I had a man in the parking lot notice my "Dale Koontz Builder" logo shirt.  We hadn't made eye contact, but he felt compelled to holler out at me, "Hey, I just bought a Dale Koontz Builder house!"  I turned around to see who it was and, not recognizing the man, I asked him where he bought this house.  He gave me the name of a subdivision that our company developed in the early and mid-90's.

Then he said to me to me, "Yeah, that guy's a LEGEND around here!!" He went on to share how he was getting positive feedback from everyone he knew about his purchase of this home.  Friends, relatives and his new neighbors were apparently singing the praises of Dale Koontz and his houses; and it left a big impression on this guy.  

He made that comment about Dale being a "legend" with such enthusiasm that it just really tickled me.  It was a real blessing to have a person that I've never met share with me the positive vibe about our company and about our founder, my dad.  It makes me think also about all of the guys on our crew and the many subcontractor partners we work with - those names don't mean anything to this new homeowner, but those people that labored on that house (and every Dale Koontz Builder house since) are the people who have helped build and protect our company's reputation over all these years.

So, to all of you who know Dale, don't be afraid to let him know that he's now recognized as a "legend" in this area.  To all our Koontz team members: thanks for all your work during the years that have left our customers and those that come behind them with such a great feeling.  And to that guy in the parking lot - thanks for the enthusiastic words of support... it means more than you may ever know!

Thanks for reading, 

Scott Koontz