Paul Tieman celebrates 35th anniversary with DKB!

Koontz's "Concrete Guru" started with company in 1976, and remains hard at work today.

In the fall of 1976, Paul Tieman decided that maybe he should try getting a job with the small Quincy, IL contractor that had hired his brother a few years before…

35 years later Paul is still hard at work for that same contractor!

Dale Koontz Builder is proud to recognize Paul as he celebrates his 35th service anniversary.  “Nobody works harder, day in and day out, than Paul does” says Scott Koontz, one of the company owners.  Tieman has developed a variety of skills over the years – doing framing work, being trained as a lift operator and backhoe operator and installing hardwood flooring.

Paul’s claim to fame, though, is in the area of concrete.  Over the years Paul has formed, graded, poured and finished thousands of yards of concrete.  From driveways to patios to basement floors, Paul has seen and dealt with most every issue that could face a concrete contractor. Tim Koontz says, “We are blessed as a company to have a person like Paul – with the experience and dedication he brings to the job, we know every driveway or sidewalk will be done as well as it can be”.

Dale Koontz Builder congratulates Paul Tieman on 35th years of service!