Another first for Koontz Builder team

First NAHB Green Certified Home completed and verified in Adams County is at 1427 Tuscany Drive

Earlier in this space, we were excited to share with our friends that Tim Koontz had earned the Certified Green Professional (CGP)designation from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  In doing so, he was the first CGP in Adams county.

The trend continues with the Koontz team leading the way in its market in regard to green building...We have just received notice that our new home at 1427 Tuscany Drive has been given the designation of "Green Certified Home" from the NAHB Research Center.  This is the first Green Certified Home built by anyone in Adams county!

Through this national program the NAHB Research Center is providing objective, third party assessment, verification and certification for builders and homebuyers for the environmentally-sensitive products they build.  According to the NAHB Research Center, consumers will see the following benefits from owning a Green Certified Home:

NAHB Research Center Green Certified Homes:

  Are ENERGY EFFICIENT Heating/cooling systems, insulation, and appliances designed for efficiency and comfort

Are WATER EFFICIENT Designed to use less water inside and out

Are RESOURCE EFFICIENT Designed to reduce construction waste and optimize the use of natural resources

Have IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY  Interior materials selected and installed to minimize indoor air pollutants

Have IMPROVED ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE  Site design and development practices help reduce environmental impact

Dale Koontz Builder is committed to being a leader in our market in products and education - and our efforts in the area of Green building are a reflection of that commitment.  If you have questions about energy efficiency and environmental performance in building, please contact us at (217) 242-1081 or