The Great Quincy Storm

How the Koontz team is responding to Quincy's clean up

If you live in the Quincy area you know all about the massive windstorm that knocked down hundreds of trees and caused power outages for tens of thousands of Adams county residents.  This has certainly been the talk of the town - and coupled with the 22" one-day snow that we had in February, it has been the 2nd "once in a lifetime" weather event to hit our town in less than 6 months.

After tree trimming businesses, I imagine that contractors are getting as many phone calls as any other kind of business... we certainly are having the phone ring here.  Many of our past customers need a little help to clean up a tree or replace a damaged gutter or soffit.  Some people had damage to homes from falling trees or flying debris, and some found that there was water infiltrating their house in a way that never happened before under "regular" conditions.

As always we are trying to reach people as quickly as we can with help to repair their homes, while we continue work on all the projects that were underway at the time of the storm.  We have already made a few new friends in these difficult times, as we work to help them put their homes back together, too.  We hope that all our readers are safe and sound and ready to enjoy the celebration of our nation's independence.

Make it a great long weekend!