What kind of company?

Thoughts on the business of running a company and meeting new people


When we go to trade shows or meet people for the first time, a common question we get is: “What kind of company do you run?”.  The answer that the questioner is looking for is “Custom Home Builder in Quincy” or “Remodeler in Adams County” or “General Contractor”.  They tend to think of the product that we produce as being the same thing as the kind of company we run.

To us, the answer to the question of “What kind of company do you run?” comes from an entirely different angle.

We run a company that answers phone calls and returns messages.
We run a company that tells you when to expect us; then we show up when we said that we would.
We run a company that puts things in writing for the sake of clarification and documentation, but we also still believe that a person’s word stands for something - because we stand behind our word.
We run a company that will spend extra time on a project to make sure it’s done correctly.
We run a company that takes care of its employees.
We run a company that supports local churches and schools.
We run a company that keeps learning and keeps improving its product and process - because that’s a job that never ends.

If you have met our company before, we hope that you will agree that this IS the kind of company that we run.  If you have never met our company before and you need a new home, a new kitchen or bath - or any other work done...well, we have to ask: “What kind of company are you looking for?”